Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround - Case Study

We recently rescued a business from a potential closure to a profit making enterprise within six months. From a negative working capital of £800k to a positive net assets situation of £100k. We saw basic flaws in their operations which were corrected.

Today there are many businesses that fail not due to a lack of demand or quality of product or service but a lack of following basic business discipline.

We managed to get the business in a positive situation using the following methods:

  • Financial re-structuring with cash injection
  • Control of cash and working capital
  • Releasing quality time for the key personnel to achieve quality leads and wins and stop stressing about the financial situation instead
  • Creditor communication and rationalisation
  • Staff and logistic re-structure
  • Claims on research and development grants they were unaware of that led to £100k refund from HMRC
  • Monthly board and financial review meetings to monitor KPIs

Do not let the ‘bleeding neck’ problem get out of hand. STOP the worry now and seek help from us if your business is in this predicament.

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